‘Creating opportunities and bringing talented and creative people together’.

Rick Snel (1974) (Producers Course & Advanced Producers Course) is the founder and main producer of the Headstart Music label. He’s passionate about music and he is giving talented people the chance to develop themselves with a personalized producers course ánd a release at the Headstart label! Rick is a producer, DJ and drummer. His songs have been selected by labels like Armada and Ministry of Sound, he has played at the Amsterdam Dance Event and he won the international Interface Magazine producers contest of 2007. In 2011 he started ‘Rick Snel Music’ and developed his first music production course. He has worked in several studios in the Netherlands and he is well known amongst musicians. In 2015 his (techno) track ‘Unfolding’ made it to the American zip DJ top 10.

Vincent Doorman (1991) (Advanced Producers Course) It was the year of the Lord 2002 that a boy happily wandered about the isles of a guitar shop, and met his first Bass Guitar. That’s where it all started for Vincent, aka the Reverend. Or is it? Born in a music and art loving family, and raised in a multicultural environment, Vincent, aka The Reverend has been touched by art and music from all over the world. Along with the skills he developed in understanding music and sound over the past 14 years, finishing his Bachelors degree in music production at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) with a thesis about what makes a hit song, and a touch of melancholy, Vincent is sure to touch the hearts of many with his work. Under the alias The Reverend, Vincent has a bunch of trance music releases under the Black Sunset Music label. His track Vermillion has been featured in the Armada Trance top 100 and top 1000 playlists on Spotify. After making trance with support from some of the greats, Vincent has decided to shift his skills towards working in collaborations with singers, songwriters and other producers to make music that will appeal to a broader audience, and thus to change the lives of many more people with his work.

Bas Kunnen (1975) is the owner of X-ceptional Music. Bas started out as a DJ in local clubs, after that he became a producer and music-publisher, and finally he became a successful live performer. In 2004 Bas started his label ‘X-ceptional Music’ and has released several tracks and albums over the years. Besides that Bas used to be a boardmember of the Conamus Foundation (now: BumaCultuur). Bas has presented a few radioshows (Radio Decibel). He works as a manager and advisor for new artists on a regular basis. Bas got his first record deal in 1998 at Basic Beat Recordings. Other record deals followed, for instance at Combined Forces Recordings in 2000, with his international hitsong ‘Clubsystem’. This song made him establish his reputation as a producer in the dance-music Industry.

Teun van der Salm (1988) is a drummer and producer. After he graduated from the Rockacademy with a Bachelor of Music in drums, he started his music career as a (studio) session musician, playing and recording for/with different artists and in different bands. He has his own drumming school in Utrecht. Teun has recorded and produced music for multiple documentaries and short films. Recently he has started to build his own repertoire, supervisioned by Rick Snel.

John Verhagen (1969) is a professional photographer. He works for several magazines and is specialized in portrait and band photography.

At the end of the Advanced Producers Course he will take some personal photo’s of you which you can use for your career!